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How to install banners over a street.

First check local goverment to see if a permit is required and what the banner specifications are. We have always recommended installing cables between two poles using turnbuckles and cable clamps. One cable above the banner and one below. Attach your banner to the cables with snap hooks through each of the gromments running along on the top and bottom edge. This will distribute the wind force evenly across the entire banner in high winds as well your banner will hang wrinkle free in no wind conditions. 
Over the street banner installation

Banner weight is evenly supported across top cable, 4 corner grommets keep banner open and readable.

 Tension the banner ends with ratchet straps connecting to each of the reinforced corners, which keeps the banner from bunching up like a shower curtain. We recommend a custom banner made from heavy duty banner material with webbing in the hem, gussets (corner reinforcement), O-rings and gromments every 12" top and bottom
Banner install
Banner installed with 2 cables and snap clips.

 This type of banner installation is recommended for any high winds or long term use in any location not just hanging over a street. This installation will keep your banner readable at all times.  

If local goverment will not allow over the street banner installations, check with them about permiting lightpole banners  or message flags as an alternaitve way to advertise your event or business.

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