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How to Buy a Banner

Carefully consider the following before
you purchase a flexible banner sign.

Banner design should be to obtain optimum readability.

Do you know the approximate distance the banner will be viewed from? For example: a 4" tall black letter on a white background can be read at a maximum distance of approximately 100'. This will diminish with colors selected, black and white are the strongest color contrast. Also, if the reader is in a vehicle moving at 50 mph, they have about 2-3 seconds to read your message. You'll want a large banner that can hold taller lettering. Keep your message short and to the point. Another factor affecting the readability of the banner is your choice of letter style. A bold block letter style, the same height as a thin ornate script letter style, is much easier for the human eye to decipher. Consider letter 'kerning', or the spacing between each letter in your message. If kerning space is too close or too far apart, it will create problems for the reader. Our expert banner sign designers will take all of the above into consideration when creating your custom banner design. See our "Letter Visibility Chart" for additional distance help.

What colors will be surrounding the banner?

Try to contrast your banner's background color to the area surrounding the banner display area. This will make it easier for the reader to first, locate your banner and second, if your message and the banner background are also in contrasting colors, the reader can readily focus on the words, allowing your message to be quickly understood.


How will your new banner be displayed?

A banner that you want to attach to a fence or wall only needs your message on one side and it should have all edges hemmed. You'll want corner grommets at the minimum. We recommend additional grommets to prevent sagging on larger banner sizes. The banner should be fastened as securely as possible. A banner that you want to display from an awning or roof over-hang will be subjected to more movement from the wind. This will require the banner to be finished with grommets and hemmed with nylon webbing sewn into the hems for added strength. Want to display your banner between two posts or trees? Will it be viewed from both sides? Order it one or two-sided, hemmed with nylon webbing reinforcement and four corner end ties, corner gussets, O-rings and grommets. Maybe you have parking lot light poles that you want to mount your banners on. You will need pole bracket kits that display your banners in a vertical format. This requires a vertical banner to be finished at the top and bottom with pole pockets and grommets pole side only. Just remember, the size and design of the banner you purchase should be based on how and where you want it displayed!
Are you a little confused or overwhelmed by all the banner advice?  Take a quick look at our stock banner designs and semi custom
banner designs you just might find the exact banner size, colors and design for your needs all at a great low price.


Are you ready for an advanced banner installation?

See: "How to install a banner over a street"  For tips and photos showing what type of banner material, hardware and preparations are required for this difficult high flying installation.
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