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The carved wood look of these rustic HDU signs make great personalized gifts that will be loved for years.

Carved painted address sign with pinetrees
pinetree and sun address sign

 Painted HDU address sign

 Close up of detailed painting, carved wood
grain look of the background.

 Why decorate with boring flat two-dimensional signs?

Upscale the identity of your home or business entrance with the high end look of a custom 3-D sign. Our carved address plaques and house signs are shaped out of HDU giving them the look and appearance of redwood without all the problems associated with a custom wood sign. HDU carved signs are light weight, very easy to install and will not warp or crack as they age. Use as commercial signage for an exterior  office enterance,  interior office doors,  wall mounted address numbers, welcome to the lake sign, rustic cottage sign, boat house plaque or as a personalized house warming gift. These custom carved signs are long lasting works of art that will make a memorable first impression.


  1. Choose any one of our colorful graphic designs.
  2. Pick your background and border colors (ships with free touch up paint)
  3. Personalize your sign using 1 or 2 lines of copy on the order form.
  4. Enter billing and shipping, see total cost before entering payment.
  5. Your order will ship UPS ground in about 3 to 4 weeks.
Carved Name Signs $99.00
Click Here for Product Details! Carved Sign 1" x 6" x 19" [ More Information ]
Custom Elite Name Sign $175.00
Click Here for Product Details! Custom Carved Sign 1 1/2" x 12" x 19" [ More Information ]


Your personalized family name sign will be sculptured out of HDU by sandblasting, carving and then hand painted to your order by our skilled and detail orientated artists. When the paint on your dimensional sign has fully cured, we will then carefully crate and ship your custom sign to your home or business address. A quality crafted dimensional sign takes about 3 to 4 weeks to shape and paint before it can be shipped. Your personalized text will be carved on your sign exactly as entered on the order form. We do not correct spelling or punctuation.

 Additional information about carved signs

 What is HDU?

HDU is a man-made high density urethane product. HDU has superior strength characteristics as well as superior weather handling properties, it is ideal for indoor or outdoor carved and sandblasted upscale dimensional signs. With our artistic textures and professional painting you get a look and feel comparable to that of fancy dimensional sandblasted and hand carved Redwood signs with out the high price or harm to our forest. HDU will not warp, crack, split or rot like a wood.


Why use HDU ?

  • 3-D Look
  • Raised Letters and Graphics
  • Look and Feel Comparable to Redwood
  • Superior Weather Handling
  • Will Not Warp, Crack, Split or Rot
  • Long Lasting, Enviromentally Friendly
  • Saves Our Redwood Trees



Detail-graphics of carved sign
This family name display has been created by sandblasting. This technique carves away the background material (HDU) creating a dimensional look with raised letters and graphics. With an additional technique we create a deep wood grain look to simulate a wood sandblasted sign.
   How to Install Your New Carved  Sign

Your new sign is made of HDU. This material can be worked with the same hand tools as wood. It has a 15 lb. density, similar to soft woods that are used for carving. You may use screws to mount your new sign. Pre-drill holes in the sign by drilling slowly, do not let the drill chuck make contact with the sign face. Use flat washers with the screws for more holding power. If you use a screw gun, set the clutch to low torque. Take care not to indent the face when the screws tighten to the mounting surface. HDU carved signs are very light weight and can also be mounted without drilling holes in the sign face. Use 100% silicone caulk and an exterior double-sided tape. Attach a 1” x 1” piece of the tape to each corner of the backside your sign. Apply a bead of caulk along the perimeter of your sign, ½” in from the sign edge. Do not get caulk on your tape. Next apply 3 to 4 wavy horizontal lines of caulk the length of the sign. The tape will hold the carved sign in place until the caulk sets up. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions on use of the caulk.
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