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Fromed plastic letters

How to Install Dimensional Letters


  • What type and size of ladder will you need, what is the ground condition.
  • Closest electrical outlet, is it on a timer or photo cell?
  • Determine speed and distance letters will be viewed from, use the Letter Visibility Chart.
  • Do you need to paint the wall or background? Use strong contrasting colors for best visibility.
  • Determine a install time so not to disturb business inside or allow better access to work area?

  • Check local sign code to make sure you are are within requirements.
  • Order as large as possible. Letters that can't be read are a waste of time and money.
  • For best visibility, choose colors that provide maximum contrast with your background.
  • Keep your message as short and to the point as possible.
  • Order a drill pattern. It will save you a lot of time and repair work.Drill pattern showing location of studs for each letter.
  • When letters arrive make sure everything was shipped.
  • Lay drill pattern out on a flat surface and measure it. Will it fit your area?
  • Find pattern center and clearly mark it at the top.
  • You can use a screw gun to thread studs into unattached pads if you ordered pads, but this is not a safe method to use on stud blocks that are already attached to letters (see next line).
  • Hand thread studs into the blocks that are already mounted on backside of letter.
  • A stud threaded too deep into attached stud blocks will dimple the face of the letters, so be careful.
  • Find each letter's place on the pattern, aligning studs on their marks. Each letter has it's own individual pattern of studs.letter with studs and pads located drill patter
  • Check that duplicate letters and their corresponding position are numbered.
  • Stack letters in a box with layers of padding, in the order you will install them.
  • For ease of handling really long patterns: roll both ends 1 ft. from center point, use a large paper clip to hold each side.

  • Check that mounting area is smooth and free of obstructions that may damage pattern.
  • Snap a level chalk line for the top of the pattern, not the letters and mark center.
  • Center and level pattern and tape securely to mounting area.
  • Level and tape (one unrolled side at a time in long patterns), making sure pattern is smooth and flat.
  • Step back and take a good look...right, left, top and bottom.
  • Secure pattern with tape on all four sides to prevent slippage or wind damage.
  • Use a center punch and hammer mark each stud hole location on the wall.
  • Double check each hole has been punched. Carefully remove and save pattern.
  • Mark drill bit with tape 1/4” deeper than depth required for studs.
  • Drill holes as level and straight as possible, take your time on this step.
  • Using the air blast from drill, blow the hole clean of debris, then drill next hole.
  • Dry fit letter first before adding silicone. Do not force or bend, re-drill if needed.
  • Fill each hole with silicone. Holding letter upright starting at the bottom, push stud into tube of silicone coating all sides. If using pads, silicone each pad.
  • Calking pads on backside of red letter.
  • Align studs into all the holes and gently tap letter into place.
  • Clean letter and your hands of silicone before moving on to the next letter.

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