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3 Types of Light Frame Truss Placard  

Red Reflective Maltese Cross on White Background


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Firefighter Safety Warning Signs or Decals [ More Information ]
Aluminum Placard/Sign or Vinyl Decal

What is the definition of a light frame truss type construction of a roof or floor? Why firefighters are concerned about working on a building made with light frame truss type construction?  For information please read the Aldridge/Benge Firefighter Safety Act.

3 Designations of Light-Frame Truss Type Construction

  • "R" Light-frame Truss Roof
  • "F" Light-frame Truss Floor
  • "RF" Light-frame Truss Roof and Floor


Aluminum Firefighter Safety Warning Signs

9" x 9", comply with FL state law, 8" x 8" reflective red Maltese Cross on white .040 aluminum placard or sign, finished with safety corners and mounting holes.

Vinyl Firefighter Safety Warning Decals

8.5" x 8.5", comply with FL state law, 8" x 8" red reflective Maltese Cross on white vinyl. Vinyl decals are long lasting and easy to apply to clean glass or any smooth nonporous surface. Application instructions with plastic applicator squeegee included. 


For easy to follow instructions on how to position a Firefighter Safety Warning Sign see: instructions  at the City of Bradenton, FL Fire Department's web site.

If you need the aluminum sign but prefer not to drill holes, use 100% silicone caulk and double-sided tape. Attach a 1” x 1” piece of the tape to each corner on the back side. Apply a bead of caulk along the perimeter, about ½” in from the sign edge. Do not get caulk on your tape. Next, apply 3 to 4 wavy horizontal lines of caulk the length of the sign. Align the sign to registration marks you have made on the clean mounting surface and firmly press the sign on to your wall. Make sure the double-sided tape has gripped the mounting surface before letting go of sign. The tape will now hold the Firefighter Warning Sign in place until the caulk fully sets up. Clean up any excess caulk carefully following the manufacturer's instructions on the tube.  

 Reflective Roof/Floor FireFighter Warning Sign

"RF" Roof and Floor Light Truss Warning Placard / Sign

Florida Statute, Section 633.027 
( Truss Identification Signs )
 Florida Statute, Section 633.027, (2008) requires the owner of any commercial, industrial or multiunit residential structure of three units or more constructed of light-frame trusses, to install a symbol adopted by rule of the State Fire Marshal’s Office. This rule establishes the dimensions, color, and location of the symbol to be applied to every commercial, industrial and multiunit residential structure of three units or more constructed of light-frame trusses.
The state has determined that property owners or their representatives are required to comply with this rule. Therefore, State Fire Marshal rule(s) 69A-3.012 for Uniform Code buildings or 69A60.008 for Minimum Code buildings requires you to install the required symbol(s) by March 13, 2010. 
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