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Flag and Flagpole Terminology


Flag and flagpole hardware

 US flag  
White flag header
D ring flag holder  Flagpole Descrips


B, M
D, E, F, H, G
 Flag pole Foundation Tube
 Flyend of US flag  
Outrigger flagpole


  • (A) Canton : Blue field,white stars. The main body of the flag is  the Ground.
  • (B) Heading : Heavy fabric used to secure flag to halyard line.
  • (C) Grommet: Brass ring or eyelet in the heading for mounting flags.
  • (D)  Truck: The device at the top of an outdoor pole that houses the pully wheel.
  • (E)  Finial: A decorative top for a flagpole, often an eagle, spear or ball.
  • (F)  Snap Hooks: Hardware to attach the flag to the halyard line.
  • (G) Cleat: The device used to secure the bottom of the flagpole halyard.
  • (H) Halyard: Rope used to raise flag; can be external and tied to a cleat or internal. When the halyard breaks, flagpole must be lowered to replace. The telescoping flagpole has no halyard eliminating this and many outher problems.
  • (I)  Flash Collar: Covers pole base, used for cosmetic and protective purposes.
  • (J)  Foundation Tube: Cylinder tube form for concrete base of flagpole.
  • (K) Fly End: End of the flag that "flies" in the wind, the part that endures most stress. A quality flag for high wind use will be finished with quadruple lock stitching on the fly hem.
  • (L) Outrigger:  A flagpole mounted on a wall at an angle other than vertical.
  • (M) D-ring: Used in place of grommets for large US flags.
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