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 How to install a carved HDU sign.

Your new sign is made of HDU, this sign material can be worked with the same hand tools as wood. It has a 15 lb. density, similar to soft woods that are used for carving signs. You may use screws to mount your new sign. Pre-drill holes in the sign by drilling slowly, do not let the drill chuck make contact with the sign face. Use flat washers with the screws for more holding power. If you use a screw gun, set the clutch to low torque. Take care not to indent the sign face when the screws tighten to the mounting surface. HDU carved signs are very light weight and can also be mounted without drilling holes in the sign face. Use 100% silicone caulk and an exterior double-sided tape. Attach a 1” x 1” piece of the tape to each corner of the backside your sign. Apply a bead of caulk along the perimeter of your sign, ½” in from the sign edge. Do not get caulk on your tape. Next apply 3 to 4 wavy horizontal lines of caulk the length of the sign. Now align your sign to the registration marks on your wall and firmly press sign to the clean mounting surface. Make sure the double sided tape has gripped before letting go of sign. The tape will now hold the carved sign in place until the caulk sets up. Clean up any excess caulk following the caulk's manufacturer's instructions.
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