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Select one of our STANDARD models,

Standard House Mailbox

Standard mailbox dimension 18 in x 18 in x 56 in.

Round Top Mailbox

OR you can get a CUSTOM mailbox

Decorative Custom Mailboxes, Masonry Mailbox

OR you can take CUSTOM to another LEVEL!!!

Custom 3D Mailboxes

Seahourse Mailbox Manatee holding a mailbox Dolphin Mailbox
Seahorse Manatee Dolpins
Sea Turtle Mailbox Snake mailbox
Turtle Snake

What makes our mailboxes better?

The Polyurea Coating protecting the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core.

This special coating seals the structure and prevents water infiltration as well as provides a base coat that has flexibility to resist impact damage to the foam core. How our mailboxes are made.

How long will take to build a mailbox?

After orders are processed, fabrication takes approximately 2-3 weeks. The mailbox will then be created and shipped UPS ground.

Note: This is custom built just for you, there are no returns unless we did not build to your written order.

How do I install  my residential mailbox?

Mailboxes should be installed to be “break away”, which means there is no permanent post or structure embedded in the mailbox core and anchored into the ground. The mailbox is placed on grade, leveled and plumbed, checked for USPS requirements for height and placement and encased in a concrete pad around the bottom of the mailbox base at ground level.

Break Away Residential Mailbox in 4This pad is a perimeter band of concrete
around the base that is 4” Wide and 4”
While we can’t guarantee this, these mailboxes have been known to “bounce” off of cars when struck. The homeowner simply set it back in it's pad and did a little paint touch-up!

We offer an optional delivery/installation service in the Tampa, FL market.
Mailboxes may be picked up at our Bradenton, FL distributor by appointment.

How do I order a custom mailbox?

Decide the style and finish of mailbox that works best for your home.

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Stucco
  • Security Mail Box
  • Architectural Design
  • Unique and Unusual Design
     Go to your local paint store for color samples or, to find your color names and numbers then place your order.

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