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 Decorate with Pennant & Flag Strings

Black and White Checkered RACE PENNANTSmulti color V pennants 

Race Style Pennants  And   Multi Color Pennant Strings

Pennant strings and checkered race flag strings are easy and fun to install. Just make sure you have enough strings to cover your party area. To get the most color and action hang the checkered flag strings around the perimeter of your area. For long runs greater than 105 ft. fasten race flag pennants together using a square knot, when tied and trimmed matching the spacing of the other checkered flags on the string as close as possible it looks like one long string. Next hang your race flag strings from corner to corner making an X in the center of your car lot or party area. Tie your checkered flag strings to a solid object, the higher the better such as a light pole or a fastener mounted high on a building. Height will make your race flags visible from a greater distance. Next add a couple 3’ x 5’ checkered race flags of different colors mounted on our 9 1/2', three piece portable flagpoles on each corner of your lot. Your checkered pennant strings and race flags will pick up any breeze showing movement and action. The checkered race strings and colorful flags will instantly be attracting all eyes to your promotional area.
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