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Telescoping Flagpole Installation

How to install an inground flagpole.

Read and follow the manufacturer's instructions that come with your new telescoping flagpole, using the photos below as a visual aid for the install process.

Inspect all parts for contents damage after opening your telescoping flagpole shipping box. Telescoping flagpole parts Gold ball, stop bolt, allen wrench, 3' x 5' US Flag, ground sleeve with blue cover and telescoping flagpole.

Tools:  yard stick, white  marker, shovel, bucket, level, hammer, punch,   drill, 3/16” bit.

Material:  gravel, concrete, water.

Select the telescoping flagpole install site away from any trees (consider tree growth) or buildings where the flag might make contact and cause itself damage, even when flown at half-mast.
In Florida, it's the law, you must call 811 before you dig. Underground gas pipelines and other buried utilities must be located and marked before you can safely dig on your property. Check with your local utilities company for this service or visit
Bolt inserted into black flagpole sleve
Measuring flagpole sleve depth for gravel fill
Measure hole for flagpole sleve depth and dia.
Thread stop bolt through flagpole ground sleeve's pre drilled hole. Mark a line 2" up from bottom of flagpole ground sleeve for gravel fill. Dig hole approximately 12" x 22", larger diameter if soil is sandy or loose.

Stone fill up to marked line on flagpole sleve
Cement around flagpole sleve
Mark hole for locking base
Place gravel or small rock up to your 2" line on ground sleeve Cover top of sleeve, locking collar and blue cover with a rag. Fill hole with concrete to 1" below ground level. Due to the soft soil, I increased my hole dia. to 24" and used double the concrete. Before concrete has set place flagpole in ground sleeve and tighten allen screw in locking collar to put a mark on your flagpole.

Leveling flagpole and sleve in fresh cement
Center punch marked hole before you drill
US flag on new aluminum telescoping flagpole
Level flagpole in concrete. You do not need to telescope any sections of the flag pole. Remove flagpole being careful not to disturb the position of the leveled ground sleeve. Lay your flagpole on a soft surface that will not to scratch the finish. Extend the first section from the bottom up 24" to prevent drilling through both poles. Locate your mark made with allen screw, center punch and drill a hole with a 3/16" bit. Completed residential telescoping flagpole installation flying the included embroidered US flag.
After the the concrete has cured for at least 24 hours, you can install the telescoping flagpole. Align the drilled hole in flagpole with allen screw in locking collar. Turn allen screw only four complete turns, any more and it will make contact with second inside pole preventing it from extending or damaging the surface. Attach flag or flags using the stainless clips supplied with your kit and extend top flagpole section first, making sure the locking push button has popped out before extending the next section. Locking the last section with the allen screw will prevent someone from using the push button to drop the flagpole.
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