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Ten Tips To Longer Flag Life

How to extend the use of your flag.

  1. Outdoor, indoor and parade flags all need frequent and proper cleaning. Varying weather conditions can be tough on outdoor and parade flags. Inefficient heating systems can leave harmful gas fumes, soot and moisture on indoor flags.
  2. Be aware of prolonged exposure to direct indoor sunlight.
  3. Do not store your flag in unventilated areas. Cleaning compounds, waxes and janitorial chemical fumes can be harmful to a flag in storage nearby.
  4. Watch the corners of the "fly end" of your flag, this is the first area to show signs of wear. Trim off the worn hem and rehem the end. This is perfectly proper and when done in time can greatly extend the flag life.
  5. Use common sense in high winds. Wind velocity is much stronger at the top of your flagpole then on the ground. When high winds are working your flag hard, somthing has to give.
  6. If by chance your flag is left out in a storm, wash and dry it promptly. Strong winds combined with rain can beat some of the dye out of the flag fabric and cause color migration.
  7. Remember, rain adds weight to your flag causing it to snap much harder in the wind.
  8. Dirt is sharp, it cuts flag fabrics, it dulls colors, it causes wear. Machine wash (gentle cycle) or hand wash flags with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and dry before storing or flying. Dampness ruins flag fabrics and causes mildew.
  9. Dirt, smoke, dust and petroleum products are very harmful to your flag. Boaters, keep your flag away from motors, gas tanks and out of water that has been fouled with gas and oils.
  10. The condition of your flagpole greatly affects flag life. Rusty, pock marked poles will chafe and tear the fabric and stitching. Rust scale causes permanent stains and some types of rust can eat holes in the fabric. When properly engineered like the new aluminum telescoping flagpole design, a flagpole can be maintenance free and help prolong your flag life.
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