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Components of
 a Weather Vane

Black Weather Vane with Black Eagle Ornament

The basic weather vane is made up of three parts, the vane, mast and base.

The vane usually resembles an arrow shape, will rotate freely and point into the direction of the wind. The mast is the vertical portion of the weather vane. The mast runs through the center of the vane allowing it to rotate freely in the wind. The base secures the weather vane to a roof.

Flat base and mast weather vane mountFlat base

Adjustable clutch base and shaft weather vane mount

Adjustable clutch base

Threaded_Mast Mount

Threaded mast

There are three common ways of mounting your weather vane.

The 3" flat base, adjustable clutch base and threaded mast. The flat base mounts on a post or a flat roof. The clutch base is V shaped and adjustable to accommodate the pitch of a roof or cupola making the clutch base the most popular. For the strongest installation, threaded masts are used for weather vanes mounted on pitched roofs or cupolas. Not all cupolas are weather vane ready. The cupolas must be built or customized with an interior female threaded rod supplied by the cupola manufacturer or your installer. The weather vane mast threads into this securely braced interior rod, so be sure to match the diameter of the mast and rod.

 A very useful upgrade to the basic wind vane design is to add a compass rose or “directional” to the mast. The directional displays the four points of the compass North, South, East and West. The vane rotates above the directional showing what point on the compass the wind is blowing from. As a final touch, weather vanes can be personalized with a decorative ornament or figurine on top of the vane. Some weather vanes now look more like architectural ornaments than tools of meteorology. In Canada a full size Douglas DC-3 airplane is being used as the vane for an airport's wind vane!

Customary wind vane ornaments are bald eagles, horses, sailboats and roosters, traditionally known as weathercocks. There are many more choices of weather vane ornaments to suite your individual taste. When choosing a weather vane make sure you select the recommended size for your building. A weather vane suited for a shed or small garage would be lost on a large house or barn. Do yourself a big favor by purchasing a rust proof aluminum weather vane. You will spend more time under the roof than on top of it. No nasty rust stains to clean off roof tiles or wasted time trying to free up a rusty steel weather vane. offers weather vanes in three popular sizes. All are fully functional wind vanes that are perfectly balanced to indicate the slightest change in wind direction. Prices range from basic to deluxe. All three sizes can be purchased with or without a decorative ornament. Whether remodeling or building new,  improve the looks of your home or barn today by adding a decorative aluminum weather vane.

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