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Buy formed plastic letters in the Brushed Script font.

Plastic letters
 A bold casual script plastic letter with a wide stroke makes these letters very easy to read. A popular letter style for plastic dimensional letters.

  letters and numbers

Above image shows the full cursive font of upper and lower case letters plastic, numbers and the available punctuation marks. The Brushed Script font like all cursive or script letter styles should never spell a word or name in all capital letters.

By forming the letters and numbers out of recycled plastic material we can keep the cost down and still make quality long lasting letters with the Lifetime Guarantee.

Color Chart   Letter Mounting Hardware


Brush Script $15.00
Click Here for Product Details! STANDARD COLORS Brush Script font Formed plastic letters Priced per character (letter or number) [ More Information ]
Custom Drill Pattern $41.65
Click Here for Product Details! Dill Guide for all stud mounted products. [ More Information ]
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