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This flagpole is engineered to eliminate the

problems that ordinary flagpoles create.

installing flagpole
Extending sections of the telescoping flagpole
 Easy install   Push button release
Two flags flying on one flagpole
Double flagharness
Two flags at once Double flag harness
Are you searching for a new flagpole? Well, you just found the best 20' telescoping flagpole ever built. Constructed of aircraft quality 2-5/8" diameter 16 gauge aluminum, rust-proof and maintenace-free. Available in three quality smooth finishes that unlike fiberglass poles, will not leave splinters in your hands!
Telescoping Flagpoles $189.95
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Embroidered Nylon Flag. [ More Information ]


Unique telescoping design allows pole sections to easily slide into place, locking and releasing with a touch of a button. Flagpole extends from 7 ft. up to 20 ft. Light weight construction makes it easy to install or remove when severe weather approaches. Ships with decorative gold ball top and choice of three beautiful finishes.

Order telescoping flagpoles NOW and receive a FREE quality 3' x 5' U.S. Flag, made in the U.S.A.! 
Makes a great gift.

 Telescoping 20' Flagpole Features

  • Easy to follow flagpole installation instructions.
  • Extends from 7' to 20' in just seconds.
  • Quickly removed when severe weather is approaching.
  • Fly two flags at same time or one flag at half mast.
  • Anti-tangle collars rotate 360 degrees, flags fly freely.
  • Superb quality, maintenance-free flagpole materials.
  • Rust-proof aircraft quality 16 gauge aluminum pole.
  • "Childproof" locking collars and locking flagpole base.
  • Telescoping sections slide with a smooth motion.
  • Lock / release your flagpole wirh touch of a button.
  • No ropes to snarl or hardware to clang.
  • Never replace a flagpole (rope) halyard again.
  • Made in U.S.A., manufacturer's limited 5-year warranty.
Telescoping Flagpole Accessories $69.95
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Flagpole Accessories

Telescoping flagpole wheel stand mount at tailgate party
Wheel stand flagpole mount showing easy install
Two styles of flagpole dock mounts vertical and horizontal
 Tailgate Party Flagpole
 RV Park Flagpole
 Wheel Stand
No screw or bolts

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