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Metallic Streamers Pricing
Quantity: 2 - 20 21 - 40 41+
Metallic Streamers $25.50 (Each)$24.50 (Each)$23.50 (Each)

Metallic Streamers
Metallic Streamers Streamer Strings 60 ft. long.
Heavy duty construction for maximum longevity!
34 dazzling metallic fringe panels 12" tall x 18" wide.
A solid color string of eye catching excitement.
Including rope end ties measures approximately 60 ft. long.
All weather resistant, high strength sag resistant header.
Hula-style streamer cut creates plenty of motion and excitement!
Many solid color and color combination to choose from.
Made in the USA.
Product Price Qty Add To Cart
Metallic Streamers - RED $25.50
Metallic Streamers - SILVER $25.50
Metallic Streamers - BLUE $25.50
Metallic Streamers - GOLD $25.50
Metallic Streamers - GREEN $25.50
Metallic Streamers - PURPLE $25.50
Metallic Streamers - TURQUOISE $25.50
Metallic Streamers - MAGENTA $25.50
Metallic Streamers - ORANGE $25.50
Metallic Streamers - BLACK $25.50
Metallic Streamers - Red/Silver/Blue $25.50
Metallic Streamers - Blue/Silver $25.50
Metallic Streamers - Red/Silver $25.50
Metallic Streamers - Gold/Silver $25.50
Metallic Streamers - Multi-colored $25.50


Where to Buy Pennant Strings

Strings of colorful Poly-V Pennants and Metallic Streamers that flutter in the slightest breeze. Create color and action drawing attention to any size business or event. Ideal for specialty indoor or outdoor marketing and automotive lot displays. *Quantity Discount Pricing

*All of our poly products are made from recycled polyethylene which has been extensively field tested and proven to perform as good or better than virgin polyethylene.
Want to attract new customers to your business?

Try adding color and action outside your building and parking lot by decorating  with colorful pennant strings or  sparkling metallic streamers strings. Businesses and Event Planners love our diversity of sizes and colors suitable for every party theme.

Select from a wide variety of lively streamers and pennant strings for any party, occasion or festival.

Where To Buy Patriotic Flag Lines

We offer a wide range of colorful pennant strings and flag lines with prices to fit any budget. 

A colorful pennant string display has always been a thrifty way of drawing attention to your business or special event. Colorful pennant strings, checkered flag lines or patriotic pennants can make the difference between customers that stop or just drive on by your store or event. In this tough economy, that could be the difference between barely surviving or actually turning a profit. 

 Let the public know that you're open and ready for business. Order some colorful pennant strings now!

See:  Race Style Flags, Auto Window Flags and Pennants

How to decorate with colorful pennant strings

Pennant strings are easy and fast to install. Just make sure you have enough pennant strings to cover your car lot or party area. A simple design is to hang the pennant strings around the perimeter of your area, then hang pennant strings from corner to corner making an big "X marks the spot!" in the center.
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