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Deluxe US Flag Commercial Grade Pricing
Quantity: 1+
3 ft x 5 ft $34.95 (Each)
4 ft x 6 ft $48.95 (Each)
5 ft x 8 ft $74.95 (Each)
6 ft x 10 ft $109.95 (Each)
8 ft x 12 ft $185.95 (Each)
10 ft x 15 ft $291.95 (Each)

Deluxe US Flag Commercial Grade
Deluxe US Flag Commercial Grade Deluxe US Flags are designed for the business or municipal building that displays an outside United States flag every day and the home owner that wants the best embroidered American house flag available. A premium constructed, commercial grade American flag for high wind applications and heavy duty flag use. Makes a great patriotic gift idea!
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Deluxe US Flag Commercial Grade

Commercial Grade
Large US Flags

Made of heavy duty flag material for business and municipal buildings displaying lagre exterior American flags on a daily basis in high wind locations.

Made in U.S.A.


Our deluxe United States flags are constructed of what is recognized nationally as the most durable of all U.S. flag fabrics.

  • 2 ply woven polyester.
  • Superior American craftsmanship.
  • Finished with quadruple lock flag stitching on the fly hem.
  • 8' x 12' and larger finished with nylon rope, galvanized thimble or D-ring.
  • 10' x 15' and larger feature our exclusive RIP-STOP flag design.
    These improvement strengthens the halyard to flag connection, eliminating the problem of a grommet ripping through the flag's heading in a strong wind.

    Deluxe United States Flag

    This is truly a lustrous flag with richness of color and beautifully constructed for extra wear-ability, intended for heavy duty outdoor use.

After 24 years in flag sales this is absolutely the best outdoor US Flag we have found!

 Galvanized Thimble
a heavy duty flag to halyard connection
U.S. flags 
US flag with embroidered stars

What makes a premium constructed American Flag for high wind applications?

  • Embroidered stars.
  • 2 ply woven polyester flag fabric.
  • Double stitched flag perimeter hems.
  • Our exclusive RIP-STOP design near the fly hem.
  • Quadruple lock stitched fly hem to reduce flag fraying and tearing.
  • Individually sewn red and white stripes with heavy duty color coded thread.
  • Finished with a heavy duty canvas header with genuine #2 rolled rim and spur brass grommets.
  • For added strength galvanized thimbles or D-rings replace grommets on 8' x 12' and larger flags.
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All rights reserved.
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