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Feather Dancer Flag Two Color Nylon Pricing
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Feather Dancer Flag Two Color Nylon
Feather Dancer Flag Two Color Nylon 2 Panel Nylon Feather Dancer FlagThe complete kit comes complete with one 3-piece (13') or 4-piece (17') telescoping fiberglass flagpole and one fiberglass ground stake, one 10' or 14' feather flag and a 3-piece metallized polyethylene tail that springs to life in the most gentle breeze! Our fiberglass poles are designed with an interlocking style that makes collapsing impossible. Replacement flags and poles can be purchased individually. The poles are 1" in diameter at widest point. Flag sleeve is sewn to fit our poles, but can be ordered sewn to fit larger diameter poles. Please call for further information.
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Feather Dancer Flag Two Color Nylon $54.00
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